In terms of SPIRITUAL HEALTH, these are essential higher frequency Meditation Journeys for increasing your level of spiritual consciousness to infuse the aura and human energy bodies with more health, cleansing harmful frequencies and, with frequent use, acting to create a higher form of spiritual protection for the full body system.


The SPIRITUAL ENERGY FREQUENCY in these Audio Meditation Journeys are of the Purest Frequency of Love and Light. It is 100% within the positive vibration of the Creative Source of Oneness. This means it is inclusive of all human understandings of God and the Creator.

When listening it is very important to be in a deep relaxed state. The Meditation Journeys are not an intellectual class or course and instead should be approached as if you were going to be taking a spa massage or similar relaxation modality. Focus on taking deep gentle breaths in and out while listening. Make a concerted effort to relax the mind to set aside any worries, anxieties or mental activity as best as you can. It is best to recline or lie down. If you find yourself falling asleep it is suggested to try being seated instead. However, as the energies will still be beneficial whenever you listen, they may be used at other times to fall asleep while listening if that is desired.

These are Spiritual Meditative frequencies of Light that can be very transformative.

Headphones are suggested. Do not listen while engaging in normal activity and never while operating machinery or driving.

TIPS: While not required, if you have cleansed quartz crystals, sage, incense or quality essential oils, utilizing them will serve to assist and support the energies being transmitted to you. It is also suggested to be in a private, quiet and restful location such a as personal meditation area. Creating an environment like that of a personal Spa expereince is ideal.


86 minutes of audio meditations in mp3 format.

The first is a specific Meditation Attunement by Reverend Mahlariessee to cleanse and raise the light and love quotients of the auric energy field using the 50-Point Cosmic Cleanse to become infused into the Physical Body. The nature of the energies transmitted in this Meditation Attunement also act upon the Mental, Emotional and Etheric energy structures in a positive manner to support increasing Health and Healing.

The second is a Journey Meditation transmission from the Cosmic Great Central Sun Divine Mother Father God infusing the 22 Rays of God to create Spiritual Empowerment and overall Well Being. It is to bring Healing to All Souls as part of the Clarion Temple of Oneness transmissions. You may find using this audio prior to the first one creates a deeper level of relaxation and therefore better personal allowance of the higher healing energies into the full body structure of all the energy bodies. The Clarion Temple of Oneness Journey Meditation is an Etheric Journey that goes beyond mere imagination to transport your consciousness into the 36th dimensional frequency of Christed Light. This enables a greater effect for the potential Healing.

Both audio transmissions may also be used separately.

(Background music "Angels of Healing" is by Thaddeus,

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We are a small spiritual service organization that exists to help the earth heal and for you to achieve personal advancement on your spiritual path. Please keep these audio recordings safe for your own personal family use so they do not get posted for free on the internet, or shared anywhere without our knowledge. It's just a Good Karma practice. If you enjoy these meditations tools, please give us a review! We also ask that you refer any friends back to us so they can order their own copy of these important spiritual aids.

~ Blessings, Rev. Mahlariessee and Rev. Ara


As Spiritual Meditations these audio attunements are only intended and designed for your spiritual growth in Universal Oneness. The information contained herein does not constitute the rendering of healthcare advice or the provision of treatment or treatment recommendations. It is not to be considered or inferred as medical or psychological advice. Please seek out a qualified professional if you need medical or mental health assistance.